Kindergarten Ideas: Schedules and Routines

Be prepared:  reduce anxiety by registering your child as soon as you can, get all of your paperwork turned in, get a supply list and attend any orientations or open houses offered. 

Attend the “Meet the teacher” event if your school offers one.  This way you and your child get to meet your child’s teacher, see the classroom and meet other students and parents that will also be a part of that classroom.  Your child may be a little nervous at that meeting.  That’s okay, I was always nervous a little myself, and I was the teacher!  After all, I was meeting almost a whole new group of students and parents, with maybe a few known families to me.  This is usually a pretty informal event.  Most teachers will save their presentations for “parent night” or “curriculum night,” a few weeks down the road.  This is usually a meet and greet event where students can look around the room, find their cubby and table sort of thing.  I recommend using this opportunity to show your child where the closest restroom is located to your child’s classroom.  If possible, walk your child around the building a bit.  Stop by and say “hi” to the school librarian, the P.E. teacher in the gym and the school music teacher.  Your child will be visiting these teachers most likely 1-3 times a week depending on your school’s schedule.  It’s a good idea for your child to learn where the office is from the beginning.  If your child is late one day, most likely they will need to check in at the office first. This is probably where the principal has his or her office as well as where the school nurse is located.  If not, those would be good places to explore as well.  If your school has a lunchroom, your child may be interested in seeing where this is located.  This is a good time to show your child where the closest restroom to the lunchroom is located as well.  Don’t worry if you don’t have time to point out all of these areas to your child.  Your child will learn the school layout rather quickly once school begins.  The students will see a lot of these areas and visit many daily, so they will learn where they are located very fast.  

Make sure your child’s teacher and the school office knows how your child will be going home each day.  This is crucial.  Will your child ride the bus home from school?  Will someone pick your child up by car using the parent drop off/pick up car queue?  Will they walk home?  Discuss with your child how they will be going home each day.  It’s important for your child to know this information, but in case they forget, your child’s teacher will have the schedule.  Send a note on the first day with your child’s going home schedule, and send a note anytime there is a change.  Perhaps every Monday and Wednesday your child will ride the bus home, and every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mom or dad will pick them up.  Make sure the note is clear about the specifics especially if it’s different depending on the day of the week.  This information is something your child’s teacher will need in order to put your child in the correct line or spot at the end of the school day. 

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