Teacher Notes

Read all newsletters and notes that the teacher hands out, as well as news from the school within 24 hours if possible.  This is important to follow all year long.  You don’t want to miss out on “special guest day” because you forgot to check your child’s backpack with the info, or tossed it in the recycle bin before reading it.  Make a folder for information you want to keep during the year.  Do this for each child in school.  Put the folder somewhere safe so you can easily refer back to it.  Don’t keep your child’s special papers and projects in there; maintain a separate box or drawer for those items that you want to save.  Also, have a special place for school library books.  Trust me!  This will save you time and anxiety so you’re not scrambling every Wednesday morning before the bus arrives to find that library book so your child will be allowed to check out another book that day.  

"Kristen’s voice is so soothing and grounded.  My experience with her coaching has moved me to commit to meditating every day.  Now I have a new beneficial habit, for which I am ever grateful."

Dhyanis Carniglia

"Kristen's coaching style is one of relaxed confidence.  When coaching with her, I felt she understood the problem and honed into it by asking helpful thoughtful questions that eventually lead to many aha moments.  I found Kristen to be very easy to talk to and really appreciated her unhurried style as this allowed me to relax and process information."

Anne Debutte
Retired nurse, author
and energy practitioner

"Kristen’s style is both gentle and direct.  She coached me during a period of uncertainty in my life, and her compassionate listening and suggestions helped me to feel calm and take positive actions to increase my happiness."

Writer and Business Consultant