Is My Child Ready For Kindergarten?

  • If your child meets the minimum age requirement for entering kindergarten in your state, province or country, they may go.
  • Give some thought to your child’s social skills and emotional well being.  
  • If your child has been in a preschool program, ask your child’s preschool teacher for his/her opinion.  
  • If you decide to wait a year for kindergarten, enroll your child into a preschool program, especially if they have not yet been to preschool.
  • Read with your child each day.




  • Register your child for kindergarten as soon as possible.
  • Attend any orientations or "meet the teacher" events if offered.
  • Decide how your child is going to get home each day after school and provide this information to the school office and your child's teacher by the first day.
  • Create some files for teacher/school newsletters and important papers.
  • Choose a safe spot in the house for school and/or classroom library books lent to your child.        

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